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Accustra has been one of the leading software and digital marketing companies in the world since 2019. We have a mission to get business online because the future is online. Hence, we cater an array of services from building their websites to building their brand. Our services include web designing, web development, software development, digital marketing, SEO, and UX/UI development. Check our services page to learn more about the services we offer. Our headquarters is located in India and we serve worldwide. Because the services we offer are digital, we function online. From transactions to communication, everything happens online. We are a remote-first company.

We value each of our clients. For each project, we work with the same passion. When you work with us, you’ll expect perfection because of our team of experts. So far we have delivered more than 700 projects to our clients. Clients choose us because we value their money and time.

Our company analyzed that the majority of the digital services provided to SMBs are of sub-standard quality. The companies who provide quality services quote a lot of money. Furthermore, we analyzed that many services being provided to the SMBs are not needed for them at all. Hence, we decided why not provide only the services that matter to the SMBs cutting the unnecessary services. This helped us to bring down the cost of the services without compromising the quality.

Do we provide services to only SMBs? No. We provide service to all companies. However, we never upsell things that are unnecessary for your business.

To have experts on our team, we hire people from all around the world. They have years of expertise in the industry. This makes us able to deliver projects with perfection, before the deadline, and at an affordable cost. It all started with our founder Swaraj Sahu, who grew the company from 1 to 30. He has more than a decade of experience in Digital marketing and Web development. He has worked with some of the big companies in India like Paytm, Amazon, etc.

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